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Auction House – Tutorial

Auction House Tutorial


The Shire Auction Hall

1.   Go to a Auction house.  They are located in most large towns. ie the photo example is The Shire Auction Hall, Located in Michel Delving.  There is also a Auction hall in Bree, just down from the boar statue.

2.  Right click on Auctioneer.  (The Auctioneer has this Auction_symbol Symbol above his/her head)

3.  You will see:


4.  On the top right hand side is your money

Auctions tab
- Type object you are looking to buy or sell (how much the item is worth)
- Level Range – (the level you are on)
- Unrestricted (not needed at this time)
- Kinship Only (when you only want to sell an item to the kin)
- Sort/Stat are advanced search options
- Legendary Item Legacies (not needed till legendary item levels)

Left hand side of Auctions tab
- Search for items to buy.
eg: Click plus symbol on (Armour: Light), then (chest) then click (search) (at bottom left) and up will come items for sale under that section.

Bottom Middle
- how much you want to bid
100 Coppers = 1 Silver
1000 Silver = 1 Gold

- Bottom Bar page_number symbol shows page navigation.  ie there are 4 pages on this search.

- Bid (to place money towards winning an item
- Buyout (to buy something outright)

* Note: If you don’t win a bid your money is then returned via mail automatically after you have been out bidded

Bids Tab


Show’s what items you are winning.

Post Tab:


Auction Item: (drag and drop the item you wish to sell from your bag to the box
Posting Fee:  Amount charged to post the item you wish to Auction
Duration: Amount of hours you wish to leave your item up for auction
Kinship Only: Tick this box if you only wish to sell to a fellow kin member

Initial Price:

Once you place an item in the (Auction Item) box a price will come up here.  This price can be changed to however much you wish.  The idea of initial price is for others to bid against each other to get your item.
eg: you place 50 silver on your item.
Joe places a bid (50 silver).
John then places a bid, now: (100 silver)
So now the item has doubled in price and so on until one player wins and you collect your money.

Buy out price (optional):
This is where you put the full amount of money you would like to get for your item.  (minus the posting fee)
* Note: you do not have to put a buyout price here.

Post Auction:
post-auction_button Click this button when you are ready to put your item up for sale

Posts 0/5:  post_number

This shows how many items you can place within the auction house at one time.  (ie the example picture has 3 items listed at the auction house from an avaliable 15.
You can pay turbine points to pay for extra auction house slots (up to 30).

Cancel Post:
cancel-post_button If you have made a mistake after you post an item for auction you can click this to cancel your auction.  The item will be returned to you via mail (collect from a letter box)
* Note: you can only cancel a post within 1 hour of posting it.